What is a Hotel Channel Manager System?


What is a Hotel Channel Manager System?

The hotel channel manager is the direct middle-man connection between the online distribution channels  (such as booking.com, Agoda and Expedia) and your booking engine and/or hotel PMS. Once a booking is received from the channel which has been connected, the channel management system will use automation to push the room availability between all other connected channels to make sure all platforms have the same inventory under the same calendar.

what is a hotel channel manager

How Does a Channel Manager Work?

The two-way communication channel (one-way is also possible) fetches and distributes the availability between all of the synchronised systems to easily automate the management of numerous channels.

Channel Management Systems in Thailand

Hotels, Guest Houses and Hostels in Thailand looking for a channel manager to automate the inventory change between all of their channels have a variety of choice between Channel Managers providing their services within Thailand. The Ace Hotel System provides a Channel Manager as a standalone option or as part of an all-in-one system.

Why Does My Hotel or Guest House Need a Channel Manager?

Using a Hotel Channel Manager allows you to automate the room inventory distribution over an abundance of (online travel agents) OTA’s. Updating the inventory changes manually would be very difficult when using a small amount of channels, and possibly impossible when using a lot of channels. Therefore to maximize your channel distribution, using your hotel staff more efficiently and to avoid hotel room over-bookings, using a Channel Manager is the ideal solution.

All-In-One Hotel Solution

The Ace Hotel System all-in-one hotel management system simplifies the whole reservation process for both guest and staff member. Our full hotel system is a cloud based program combining a PMS (Property Management System), Channel Manager and Booking Engine into a user friendly interface for your complete hotel management solution.

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