Optimize Your Hotel During the Recent Outbreak


Optimize Your Hotel During the Recent Outbreak

The outbreak of the COVID-19 Novel coronavirus has so far devastated lives around the globe. For any readers who require information regarding Basic Protective Measures, please follow this link from the W.H.O:


During this difficult time, gaining new hotel bookings may seem almost impossible. With the current restrictions in place, there has been a devastating impact on the tourism industry, meaning hotels should spend this time reviewing and reassessing with a view to improving their service. Here are a few best practices which may help to optimize your strategy both now and in the future once the tourism industry in Thailand has recovered:

Assess Your Hotel Reviews

Hotels should find time during this quiet period to learn from your guest feedback. It’s easy to overlook this aspect, however it is one of the truest indicators as to how guests percieve your hotel/hostel, and is visible to all potential guests. If there are any common themes which seem to be re-occuring, be sure to address these both within the hotel and on the review platform.

Monitor Competitor Pricing

The current Covid-19 outbreak poses new territory for all hotels in terms of pricing strategies. Therefore now more than ever, we recommend hotels to spending time monitoring the close competitors, and perceived market leaders who could be competing for bookings. While dropping the room rate as low as you can may seem the only pricing strategy during this time, be sure to pay attention to the promotion strategies which your market piers are adopting.

Update Your Existing Online Platforms

Are all of your property descriptions up to date? Do all of the pictures displayed on OTA’s showcase the very best side of your property? If you answered ‘Yes’ to both, then we admire your online dedication. We understand running a hotel is very time demanding, and elements such as these often get left behind the tasks in urgent need. However with the booking influence OTA’s and other channels posses in 2020, hotels and accommodation providers looking to maximze the bookings should not be neglecting these important details.

List Your Hotel on New OTA Channels

More channels means more guest impressions/exposure and will ultimately increase your chances of guest bookings for the future. Looking for a channel manager to automate channel management? Contact us to find out more about the Ace Hotel System, an all-in-one hotel solution to manage your property.

Consider Reducing the Minimum-Night-Stay Policy

Now is the time to be as flexible as possible, and while a long minimum-night-stay helps with the efficiency of your bookings received, it has the potential to make you invisible to those guests in search of a short stay.

Optimize Your Hotel Website

Review your website alongside that of your competitors, and check if it is meeting well equipped to allow your guests to book direct and thus avoid 15-20% in OTA fees. If you currently don’t have an website, customers using the Ace Hotel System can enjoy a free light website template along with a booking engine which is included within the subscription.

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