Ace Hotel System Feature- Hotel PMS

hotel PMS

Hotel System Feature: Property Management System

The hotel PMS sits at the centre of controlling front desk operations, booking management, and room rates. A simple interface with powerful operational functions is key for hotels and guest houses who require a streamline management of day-to-day guest operations. Here, we look at the PMS section of the Ace Hotel System.

Booking Management Dashboard

The hotel PMS booking dashboard displays all reservations in one place for front desk staff to view and manage. The calendar dashboard UI exudes simplicity, with inventory changes or modifications being instantly updated in real-time.

hotel PMS

Simple Hotel PMS Interface

The contrasting powerful back-end is supported by a user friendly interface for hotel staff to operate. Front desk staff will have no problems navigating through the property management system, and online chat-support assistance is available if required.

simple user dashboard

PMS Automation

Spend all your time and energy running your hotel and delivering the five star guest experience by automating tasks. Personalize and save guest email templates, and set the system to automatically send to your guests.

Hotel System Automation

Email Automation

  • New booking confirmation emails
  • Welcome email prior to guest arrival
  • Post check-in email
  • Post stay review email
  • Email requesting new card details incase of an invalid booking payment

Payment automation

Reaching out to guests who haven’t arrived and payments declined is a thankless front desk job. Make manual entry a thing of the past and capitalize on your promptness with these hotel pms payment automation features:

  • Take payment for new booking depending on rate plan booked
  • Filter new booking payments by custom rate plans.
  • Take payment only for Expedia bookings
  • Pre-authorise card payments before guest arrival
  • Instantly send payment requests on declined bookings

PMS Report Generation

Hoteliers can generate reports within the main dashboard showing key hotel PMS data. We understand that monitoring data is king, and therefore users can access reports including:

  • Credit Report
  • Daily Checkout Report
  • Booking Report
  • Housekeeping Report
  • Channel Report
  • Extras Report
  • Meal Report
  • Hotel Occupancy Report
  • Debtors Report
  • In House Report
  • Folio Report
  • Thailand Hotel Immigration Report

hotel management system reports


Cloud Based System

The cloud based PMS system makes it easy to manage bookings, inventory and rates from anywhere in the world. Log in to the hotel PMS dashboard using multiple devices of choice such as smartphone, tablet and any desktop browser to view or manage your reservations.

remote software login

All In One Hotel Management System

The property management system is just one key integration within the full cloud based hotel PMS. Included within the system is the channel manager, booking engine and light website template which can be accessed easily from the same dashboard. Ace Marketing Solutions offers real-time chat support for hoteliers in need of assistance.


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