Travelers’ Online Search and Booking Behaviour

TrustYou, the world’s largest feedback platform, has recently published findings of a booking behaviour research project to compare the use of keywords used by travelers when searching to book their journey. The sample study consisted of 920 participants all over the age of 18, who have traveled and booked accommodation previously for business, leisure or both within the last 18 months.
Ace Marketing Solutions have summarised the key findings of the travel search study below:

Accommodation Inspiration

  • Respondents were initially asked which sources they find most inspirational. Google Search topped the list with 48%, followed closely by Booking Engines (43%), and  42% mentioned using Facebook. for travel inspiration.

Guest Search Method

  • 91% of travelers will then actively use search engines to look for a place to stay, with  81% preferring to use Google. It’s no surprise that “Google Search” was found to be the travelers’ most commonly used source for travel searches.

Search Keywords

  • When presented with a simulated search engine, respondents revealed many of the search terms used when beginning the accommodation search. The results are that travelers were most likely to search terms related to hotels (57%), location (49%), or a combined search including both terms: hotels and location (31%).

Accommodation Decision

  • The Participants ranked the variables in order of importance which are used when deciding to book the hotel. The hotel’s price (nightly room cost) is the most important, followed closely by the hotel’s review rating and then the hotel class.

Our Conclusion

Based on results of the 2017 research study by TrustYou, hoteliers need to consider their influence on Google within their online marketing strategies. As shown within the accommodation research study, the majority of travelers use Google when seeking travel inspiration, starting their travel and accommodation search and evaluating important features between hotels. By optimizing a hotel’s Google presence, more influential information becomes available that would most likely drive travelers to the hotel’s website for direct booking.
Download the full study by TrustYou here:
Traveler’s Online Search and Booking Behaviour